M3i Upgrade : R4 DS Flash Card

M3i Upgrade DS Card R4

Nintendo DS Lite / DSi Flash Card for .nds roms, movies and mp3 music.

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M3i and M3L series is the full function NEW products develop by our R&D team. Specialize more powerful ,more abundant functions. Excellent quality and use of humanity! Note:The perfect solution for NDSI V1.4. 100% supports latest games !

M3 Products

■ M3i Product Series
■ M3L Product Series

R4 3DS flash cards for the Nintendo 3DS.
New generation 3DS rom cards Sky3DS and Gateway 3DS (from GW3DS Team)

m3i upgrade for dsi ds lite

Driver Download

■ M3i update of ver1.45 core download [2010-06-26]
Solved following issues of games:5012、4996、4973、4975、4970、4969、4967、4966、4965、4964、4963、4915、4762
■ M3L update of ver1.45 core download [2010-06-26]
Solved following issues of games:5012、4996、4973、4975、4970、4969、4967、4966、4965、4964、4963、4915、4762
■ Goldfinger Code Library download [2009-07-23]
■ Cherry player download [2009-04-29]
■ moonshl player download [2009-04-11]

Product Features M3i and M3L are SLOT-1 flash carts developed purposely for NDS host series (m3i supports DSi) with the market positioning of high-performance. They are world’s most beautiful game carts of latest fashion which have rich and user-friendly interior and charming and fashionable controllability so that they are successors to M3 flash cart that enjoy great popularity. M3i and M3L support the largest 32 GB SDHC flash memory card, cards that run homebrews and multimedia functions in addition to game carts. They are fabulous periphery devices for DS players.


■ Support multiple skins/themes, realtime changing skin without remove the SD cards.
■ With a shortcut link features, can link to your homebrew applications with ease.
■ User friendly realtime help message.
■ Friendly interface, easy to operate.
■ Realtime smart help windows.
■ Able to memorize and restore to the previously selected game or application after restarting machine and soft reset.
■ Able to recognise and display SD card type, capacity and format.
■ Sleep mode function, for power saving and longer standby time.
■ Support SDHC micro sd cards (4GB、8GB、16GB、32GB).
■ Flush fitting slot 1 card.
■ Support any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game.
■ Support Clean ROM, drag and drop. Work on any OS.
■ Built NoPass.
■ Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip.
■ Support moonshell and other homebrew. Open I/O interface.
■ Support rumble pak and memory pak.
■ Support the WiFi game, DS rumble pak, DS browser, and GBA Expansion card ect.
■ Support Skin DIY by setting background and font colors on Main and Game Menu manually and automatically.
■ Intergrated latest Moonshell 2.0 Beta version.
■ DLDI auto-patch.
■ Support 4-scale-lightness adjustment.
■ Support the soft reset.

·Common frequently asked questions
1. Q: how long do you provide after-sales service for your product? Do you guarantee to replace a product in question?
A: Our products are subject to rigorous inspection before delivery and we have 100% confidence in them. We offer 1 year free after-sales service and will replace any product in question within 1 year.

2. Q: what matters shall be paid particular attention to when using M3i/M3L products?
A: In fact, there is nothing that you shall pay special attention to when using our products so long as you ensure that the NDS receive enough power supply. That the red indicator lighting up indicates the power supply to your NDS is insufficient. Flash card will run properly after being fully charged. If you have any further questions on the operation, please refer to the operation manual.

3 Q: I am a novice with NDS, are the M3 products difficult to operate?
A: M3 products utilize CF / SD cards to store multimedia files and data, before using it you do not need to install any drivers or applications. All you need is to copy the game files you want to play to the appropriate folders on your CF / SD card and then insert the card into M3i/M3L products.

4. Q: In addition to playing games, what other functions do the M3i/M3L products have?
A: M3i/M3L products can not only be used to play games, but also conveniently watch movies, listen to music, look up into dictionaries, see pictures as well as read e-books. In addition, it can be seen as a very practical U disk.

5 Q: how large are M3i/M3L’s storage capacity?
A: M3i/M3L products’ storage capacity depends on the CF / SD card. M3i/M3L Product supports the storage of FAT32 and FAT16 formats and its capacity may as large as 4G-64G.

6 Q: how fast can M3i/M3L products download games?
A: This depends on your CF / SD cards, if you are using a USB 2.0 format card, the transmission of a 128M file only needs about 10 seconds.

7 Q: how to play music and movies with M3i/M3L products? What formats of movies and music files can be supported?
A: it’s quite simple to play music and movies with them. You only need to download music files and movie files onto your CF / SD card, insert the CF / SD card into M3i/M3L products and put the product into a NDS machine, then boot the machine, select multimedia item, press "A" button to confirm, and then select your music or movies. And the music or movies will be played.

8 Q: What is a competition game? Can M3i/M3L products directly run such games?
A: A competition game can be run on a variety of platforms. At present, NDS have been able to run such games. Generally speaking, there are two ways to run these games.
1. Convert a document into FC.GC.GG or other NDS formats with conversion software;
2. Direct run a competition game through the built-in competitive programs of NDS. M3 products have their own competition function and are able to run such games directly, such as: FC.NES.SNES.GB.GBC.PCE.SEGA-MS. & GG etc. This will provides users with a convenience, for example: provides a platform to run competition games, so players have equal opportunities for competition.

9 Q: Your products are indeed superior to other competitors, but the prices are much higher than many other competitors. Do you have any plan to lower your price in future?
A: To be honest, our prices are quite reasonable. We adopt high-cost high-quality high-speed memory chips, while most of the other competitors use relatively lower-cost lower-speed memory chips.

10. Q: How to return to the main menu after entering a game?
A: This is very simple, press and hold down the "A" + "B" + "X" "+ Y" + "L" + "R" buttons and you will return to the main menu while you are running your NDS.




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